Tisha B’Av and the Birth of Anti-Semitism

Parshat Devarim (Deuteronomy 1) and Tisha B’Av

Join Geoffrey Stern and Rabbi Adam Mintz on Clubhouse Friday July 16th at 4:00pm (ET). We explore the sanctification of powerlessness in Rabbinic Judaism and the internalization of failure. We discuss the tendency of Jews to seek fault in themselves as individuals and as a people as part of a harmful pattern that gave rise to anti-Semitism.

Friday July 16th at 4:00pm Eastern Time


Link to Sefaria source sheet: www.sefaria.org/sheets/335498

Listen below to last week’s Clubhouse meeting: The Compromised Land


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2 responses to “Tisha B’Av and the Birth of Anti-Semitism

  1. Michael Posnick

    Geoffrey Have recently referenced your thoughts about the current validity and necessity of Tisha B’av observance. Reactions vary – hard to give up attachment to the losses of the past =and there are so many = in favor of the many gifts of the present – flawed and in need of tikun, but there before us. Long may it be so! My friend Robert ended his fast last night. love home

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