Truth or Dare

parshat naso, numbers 5

Join Geoffrey Stern and Rabbi Adam Mintz recorded on Clubhouse on June 1st 2023. We compare and contrast the Biblical Sotah (Suspected Woman) and the ritual of the bitter waters to the trial by ordeal found in ancient societies up until the Salem Witch Trials. We ask, what we can learn from this primitive form of justice.

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Welcome to Madlik.  My name is Geoffrey Stern and at Madlik we light a spark or shed some light on a Jewish Text or Tradition.  Along with Rabbi Adam Mintz we host Madlik Disruptive Torah on clubhouse every Thursday night and share it as the Madlik podcast on your favorite platform. This week’s Torah Portion is Naso and we revisit the Biblical Sotah where a woman is subjected to drinking potentially poisonous waters to test her fidelity to her man.  This sounds a lot like a trial by ordeal where suspects were thrown into the river or a fire to let God met out justice. Sound interesting? Join us for Truth or Dare.



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