Salvation Through Death – Breaking the Cycle

Parshat Chukat (Numbers 19)

Join Geoffrey Stern and Rabbi Adam Mintz on Clubhouse Friday June 18th at 4:00pm (ET). The Red Heifer purifies the defiled and defiles the pure and is universally taken as a commandment that defies reason and logic. According to science, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction so where’s the illogic? Even according to Rabbinic scholars such as Saadia Gaon and modern scholars such as Jacob Milgrom there is nothing unreasonable about this enigma. So why is the ḥoq of the Red Heifer so troubling. Why does it keep God up at night?

Friday June 18th at 4:00pm Eastern Time

Link to Sefaria source sheet:

To listen to last week’s Clubhouse meeting Not Holier than Thou:

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