To Hit the Rock or Not to Hit the Rock

parshat chukat-balak, numbers 20

Join Rabbi Adam Mintz and Rabbi Avraham Bronstein recorded on Clubhouse. This week while Geoffrey is Island hopping in Greece Madlik hosts a lively discussion between his two favorite co-hosts as they discuss the dramatic episode of Moses seeming disregard for God’s command to talk to the rock and his fatal decision to strike it.

Sefaria Source sheet:


Adam Mintz  00:03

Okay, welcome everybody to Madlik Disruptive Torah. I’m Rabbi Adam Minsky. Today we welcome Rabbi Avraham Bronstein of the Hampton synagogue in Westhampton beach to join me for a conversation. The conversation today is to hit the rock or not to hit the rock. That is the question. And the sources are in the chat. Everybody’s welcome to look at the sources on the chat. Hello, Rabbi Bronstein. How are you today, Adam?


Avraham Bronstein  00:38

Hello Rabbi. It’s a pleasure to be here with you again, it was a pleasure to spend Shavuot with you, here at the Hampton synagogue where I am right now. And it’s really great to be continuing the conversation with you.

Sefaria Source Sheet: not yet avaiable

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